Friday, April 1, 2016

Shep Paints His Grandson...the "Rock Star"

Don't cha just love this kid?  This is Raine, my grandson, and this is the first time I've painted him.  I'm very proud of him at the painting.  It's a 16" x 12", and if you'd like me to paint your grandkid, this size is $300.

To see more of Shep's Art click HERE!


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My name is Bob Shepherd, but when I paint I'm known as "Shep". I love to paint people. Happy people. Sad people. People dancing. People in contemplation. Old people. Young people. Lately I've gotten into painting new things and I'm enjoying the challenge. Flowers and still life's have been fun. My blog is here to show you what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. If I'm doing your commission you can follow the progress of your "PortraitbyShep". If you'd like me to do your portrait please notify me through the blog. Please enter your email above and I hope you enjoy the blog. Shep

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